——    MISSION    ——

We are on a mission to empower every B2B salesperson to be as effective as the best salesperson in the world.

Our platform combines the knowledge of the best sales consultant and the toolset designed by the best CIO.

——    WHAT WE STAND FOR    ——

Before anything else, values come first.

Without clear, shared values, we wander independently and contradict one another. Everything's harder when we all believe different things about what's important to us, our company.


Be Straightforward

Whenever we speak - internally or externally - we should speak plainly and clearly. Watch out for lingo, assumptions, exaggeration, or other things that get in the way of a straightforward explanation. This doesn't mean we strip the poetry and personal expression from our language, but it's got to make sense.


Be fair and do the right thing

What's fair? What's the right thing? We all have to use our best judgment, and everyone's judgment varies, but a good rule of thumb is "what would you do for a friend or a neighbor if they asked for help?" An example might be providing a refund even if it's a little outside the refund window.



We should be calm, considered, and thoughtful in our dealings with each other and the world at large. We don't act out of spite, we don't rush to judgment, we don't jump to conclusions. If someone disagrees with us or attacks us we listen, we think, and we respond calmly and clearly - directly addressing the idea or the situation, not the personality or the pressure.



Generosity is a wonderful virtue. Being generous is surprising someone on the other end with goodwill and asking for nothing in return. It could be time, attention, or treasure - we give what we're expected to, and then some.



This one's a bit of a contradiction. After speaking about shared values, here's one that breaks away: Independence. We encourage independent thought and original thinking. Since day one, we've always done things our way. We don't look to the industry or our competitors for the way forward. We see things with our own eyes, make our own calls, and offer thoughts, perspectives, ideas, and products that we think are right, not that they think are right.