15 Inspiring Examples of Career Pages in 2020


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Karthik Subramanian

Karthik Subramanian

15th Sep, 2020

In this blog post, we see how companies are differentiating themselves in the market with awesome careers pages.

College campus hiring was always exciting. Be it watching our seniors go through the grueling interviews or finding ourselves in the hot seat. 😊 But it was well worth the effort because, for many of us, that was our first brush with the corporate world.

Preparations would begin in right earnest even before the first company officials arrived in suits and ties. As a result of our preparation, during interviews, we’d rattle off what we’d seen on the company website just to show off how much we knew about them.

But, the point here is that our research would always start with the company’s website, its management, business lines, and the careers page.


Pic credit: Save the Student

That is why the careers page is a gospel for all potential employees. A cool career page can stop them in their tracks and tell them:

Hello and welcome! Take a look at what we’ve got to offer you. Click on the Job Openings button to know where you can fit.

Talent fuels growth, so if you’re looking to design a superb career page, this blog is for you.

But, before we dive in, keep in mind that whilst we’ve researched SaaS Mag’s list of the fastest-growing companies for this blog, these principles apply to any company – large or small in the B2B and B2C space.

Let us dive into it right away! 😊



Best Career Page #1 – Gong

Gong is a revenue intelligence company that enables businesses of all sizes to record and analyze conversations with customers across multiple channels.

What do we like about Gong’s Careers page?

We enjoyed scrolling through Gong’s career page which had brilliant combinations of color gradients throughout.

  • Header Banner

The Header Banner shows their employees playing a band with some cool Photoshop effects. The open positions are right below the Header Banner almost as a CTA to the banner.

Clicking on ‘See the Openings,’ takes you all the way down to the details of the open positions.



  • Inclusion and Diversity

They have a section on Inclusion and Diversity which leads to their operating principles. And, here’s where it gets interesting – the operating principles have been packaged into a video on 8 reasons why people hate working with Gong!

These 8 reasons also find mention in the body of the landing page. Surely, one can’t miss viewing this.



  • Glassdoor Rating

Then comes the company’s Glassdoor rating which is astonishingly high at 4.9.

  • Employee Testimonials

The employee testimonial section gives visitors an opportunity to connect with them on LinkedIn and verify for themselves.



  • Founders’ Pictures

The company’s founders make an appearance too on the page before the CTA at the bottom of the page asking candidates to upload their resume.



Take a look at Gong’s careers page here.


Best Career Page #2 – TravelPerk

TravelPerk provides travel and expense management solutions for businesses by automating spending limits and travel policies.

What do we like about TravelPerk’s Career page?

The first thing that we like about their careers page is it has a placeholder right in the menu bar of the company’s homepage. Unlike other homepages, where careers is a sub-link in the About section.

  • Header banner

The company’s opening banner is a welcome message, that features its 4.6 Glassdoor rating, and a CTA to browse jobs.



  • Open positions

Website visitors can easily scan the open positions which explain the function, role, and location.

  • Beautiful visuals

Then comes a series of 10 pictures of employees working in the TravelPerk offices which provide a glimpse into their work culture.



  • Perks

Perks play a key role for potential employees before they decide to take the plunge. TravelPerks lays out its perks through beautiful pictures of yoga sessions, the office kitchen, and vacations.



  • Reasons to work

The next section explains why TravelPerk is the best place to work. The language of the copy is simple and easy to understand.



  • CTA

Every section of this career webpage has the same CTA which is ‘Browse Jobs.’ As a result, such consistent reinforcement urges candidates to apply for the available positions in the company.



Here’s TravelPerk’s careers page.


Best Career Page #3 –Vendasta

Vendasta is an eCommerce platform for companies that sell digital solutions to small and medium businesses.

What do we like about Vendasta’s careers page?

Vendasta’s career page is simple, clean, and extremely detailed. Besides, here’s what we liked about it.

  • Header banner

The header banner has pictures from the company’s events and leads into the Job Openings section.



  • Job openings

This section is neatly arranged into different departments and available positions within them.

  • The city

Vendasta is the only company in our research that spoke about the city they’re based out of, i.e., Saskatoon in Canada. This section talks about the different attractions of the city and why it is a must-visit for the travel-crazy workers.



  • Videos

The video section hosts videos of employees talking about how they landed at Vendasta and why it is the coolest place to work. The videos are professional and show the speakers at their workplace as they speak in the background.



  • Perks

Unlike other companies that use illustrations or imagery, the perks section has a simple copy that lays out what employees can expect. That is probably because the perks are quite a lot – from daily breakfast, gym memberships, office scooters, to local tech event passes.

(For the beer lovers amongst you, the tap opens on Fridays at 3 pm – cheers!)



Don’t forget to check out Vendasta’s careers page here.


Best Career Page #4 – ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo sells access to its database of information about business people and companies to sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals.

What do we like about ZoomInfo’s careers page?

  • Header banner

The header banner features a moving carousel of employee testimonials.



  • Awards

The next section features the awards they’ve won over the years which bears testimony to their thriving work culture.



  • Visuals

ZoomInfo’s visuals section is short but gives a peek into their workplace and culture.



  • Job positions

Their job section has a ton of open positions across different company locations with each one opening into a separate link with more details.

  • CTA

ZoomInfo’s final section invites people to send in their resumes even if they don’t see a fit, possibly to circle back later. Not a lot of companies do this.



  • Perks

This section is brief but impressive and highlights their health, dental, and vision coverage plans, along with generous vacations, and financial bonuses.



Visit ZoomInfo’s careers page here.


Best Career Page #5 – monday.com

monday.com is a project management tool that enables organizations to manage tasks, projects, and teamwork. It is a Swiss Army knife that lets managers use it as a CRM, ad campaign manager, bug-tracker, and even for video production.

What do we like about monday.com’s career page?

monday.com’s careers page has a clean layout and is easy to navigate. Besides, here’s what we liked about it.

  • Header Banner

The header banner invites potential candidates to search for an ideal job profile for them.


  • Job openings

We liked the layout of their job openings because every opening has an employee’s face to it along with a brief description and location.

  • Employee testimonials

There is a dedicated section to employee testimonials that explain why they like monday.com and how they’re investing in their employees. In all, there were 12 testimonials, each not exceeding 52 words.



  • Values

We liked this section because it explains the company values in a tiled layout with a simple copy and employee pictures.



  • News

Their careers page has a news section that highlights their achievements and fundraising from leading magazines. Not a lot of candidates will look for news about the company, so this one is a good value addition.

  • CTA

The final CTA invites candidates to browse through the open positions

Make sure you check out monday.com careers page.


Best Career Page #6 – Highspot

Highspot provides sales enablement tools and software for improving marketing effectiveness and increasing sales.

What do we like in Highspot’s career page?

Highspot’s webpage name at the top of the tab says, “Come Join Highspot and Invent the Future,” which is a great way to invite candidates.

Here’s what we like most about them:

  • Teams

The header banner called the Team Spotlights section leads hopeful candidates to the available jobs, different teams, and the people behind it.



There are 9 teams featured in here from Engineering to Growth & Acquisition. Each of these teams also has an employee provide a testimonial explaining why they’re the best and what to expect.

This is a clever way of showcasing their teams and employee testimonials together.

  • Values

Similar to Monday.com, Highspot too has a tiled layout for their values (the company refers to it as guiding principles). This layout blends employee pictures and the website copy quite nicely within its contours.

They even mix black & white and color pictures well throughout the careers website.



  • Invitation to college grads

We particularly liked Highspot’s focus on college grads with their Accelerate program and have three departments to absorb them. Each department has an employee testimonial along with it to prove its authenticity.



  • Other testimonials

The other unique feature on Highspot’s careers page is the testimonials section, which does not feature employees, their pictures, or names. Instead, it is anonymous, and the company refers to it as ‘Overheard.’


  • Open positions

The company’s open positions stack up neatly with their team name and location. Clicking on each job position opens a different URL that provides more context to it.

Here’s the link to Highspot’s careers webpage.


Best Career Page #7 – Dataiku

Dataiku is a data science platform that lets data professionals to design, build, and deploy new data products.

What do we like in Dataiku’s career page?

The company has a generous spread of empty white space across the website making navigation a breeze.

  • Header Banner

The only company in our list that displayed the number of open positions. We’re assuming that they will continuously update this.

Like most other companies, the CTA in the header takes the user to the available openings.



  • Glassdoor reviews

Again, the only company in our list to link out to their Glassdoor reviews, and it not surprising that their score is 4.9. Not just that, they’re proud to display their high scores in neat graphics (including a 100% approval for the company’s CEO).

  • Videos and visuals

Dataiku’s video is a short documentary movie featuring employee interviews. Their employees speak what they do at the company and why they love their work.


  • Offices

Dataiku’s offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia find a place on their careers landing page.


  • Job openings

The job openings section is a vast section with details around departments, positions, and locations. Each of them further opens into a separate URL that has even more details around the role, qualifications, etc.

Here’s Dataiku’s careers page for you to run through.


Best Career Page #8 – LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor is a cloud-based network performance monitoring solution that helps businesses monitor on-premise, cloud-based and hybrid data centers, as well as physical devices, from a single platform.

What do we like in LogicMonitor’s career page?

To start with, obviously the generous use of visuals throughout the landing page. And, here’re the rest.

  • Header Banner

The Header Banner has a wide picture of smiling employees (including a dog 😊) and a video tour of their office.



  • Why LogicMonitor?

One of the rare instances where we’ve seen bulleted reasons why LogicMonitor is the preferred choice for potential employees. The copy here is minimal, yet the accompanying pictures do a great job of depicting the company in the right way.



  • Hiring process

The next section explains the process of hiring candidates which is Apply, Pre-assessment, and Interview. Each stage has a description of what the stage entails and what can candidates expect.



  • Perks

We aren’t done yet.

The benefits and perks sections explain what employees are eligible during their tenure. It includes gym stipends, free yoga classes, and LinkedIn learning courses among other perks.

  • Diversity

The company stands for diversity, which is an important theme on their careers page.



  • Employee testimonials

The company calls their employee testimonials as Spotlight, which opens into another URL for more testimonials.

  • Press and Blog

The careers page also provides links to their press and blog pages, so candidates can know them at one glance.

Take a look at LogicMonitor’s stunning careers webpage.


Best Career Page #9 – Aircall

Aircall provides a cloud-based voice platform that integrates with productivity and helpdesk tools that workplaces are already using to make phone support easy to manage.

Why do we like about Aircall’s careers page?

Minimalism. Maximum impact. That is what comes to mind when we reviewed Aircall’s careers page. But, here’s our detailed review.

  • Header banner

One of the cleanest headers that we’ve seen in our list of companies with tiled headshots of their employees. This makes it a pleasant experience to scroll through the landing page.



  • Culture and values

The company’s website copy around their offices, locations, culture, and key values is simple and clear. Using icons and small illustrations, they explain why they are the employer of choice for people from more than 30 nations.



  • Visuals

The company shows off their offices, work culture, and bonding during team events using full-width pictures.

  • Testimonials

Testimonials are a moving carousel of employee headshots and the reason why they love working for Aircall. Employee details include their names, team names, and year of joining the company.

  • Glassdoor ratings

One of the few companies to achieve the rare treble of a 4.9 score on Glassdoor, a 100% approval of their CEO, and a 100% on recommending Aircall to a friend. It goes to show how much they value employee satisfaction.



  • Videos

The company’s videos show employee testimonials and a fantastic shoot of their offsite in Marrakech with team building activities. Don’t forget to check this out.



  • Job openings

The job openings section gives out available jobs in different locations across the globe and functions such as engineering, sales, customer relations, etc. It even expands into available roles so candidates can quickly scan it.

To learn more and view the awesome video of their outing, here’s Aircall’s careers page.


Best Career Page #10 – Freshbooks

Freshbooks is an accounting software operated by 2ndSite Inc. primarily for small and medium-sized businesses.

Why do we like Freshbooks’s careers page?

Some career pages have a minimal copy, but not Freshbooks. They prefer to provide as many details as possible into their individual sections, which seems to work for them.

And, here is why we like them.



  • Videos

Right below the header banner is a video showing the first day in the office for a couple of employees. There’s no conversation, instead pleasant music playing in the background.

The video begins with current employees showing them around the office, right from the cycle parking bay up until their workstations. On the way, they greet employees from other teams who’re at work or taking a break.



  • Culture and workplace

Freshbooks explains their values and culture through a mixture of copy and lively office meeting pictures to break the ice with promising candidates.

  • Job openings

The company has quite a few job openings across various departments and locations. They’ve smartly included all jobs in one section of their careers page by distributing them across smaller sub-sections.

This way, they ensure that employees stay on their page longer.



  • Perks

The perks section has illustrations to depict what employees will receive during their time with Freshbooks.

And, oh, they’re a dog-friendly office as well 😊.

Go here to check out Freshbooks’s career page blog.


Best Career Page #11 – Grammarly

Grammarly is a writing tool that detects English grammar and punctuation mistakes. It also provides real-time suggestions and guidelines on how to correct these mistakes.

What do we like about Grammarly’s careers page?

Open white spaces across the careers page, to begin with. Below is a summary of why it is one of our favorites.

  • Header banner

The header banner is so minimalist that you’ll almost miss their hero image. But we think that is stylish and makes them look modern.



  • Video

The video right below the header banner features the company leadership and employees speaking about how they’re helping their customers.

If you’re wondering how to integrate your product with an overarching company video, check out this one on their careers page. And, Grammarly’s CEO appears in a full-sleeve pullover making him look like any other employee and easily accessible.



  • Customer testimonials

Grammarly helps 20 million customers every day and has loads of their testimonials to show off.

Interestingly, the company has customer testimonials on the careers landing page to exhibit the latter’s great feedback.

  • Vision

A lot of potential employees might want to know the company’s vision. Grammarly provides generous space right in the middle of their website to explain their vision to their future employees.



  • Employee testimonials

Again, another example of using high-res pictures of employees and easy-to-read testimonials in a moving carousel.

  • Values

The company uses EAGER as an acronym to explain its values. Each alphabet stands for a value and a short one-line description explains it. The EAGER value system finds a mention in their company video too.



  • Job openings

They divide their job openings across various cities and even provide an option for candidates to explore open roles at the bottom of the page.

Explore Grammarly’s career page here.


Best Career Page #12 – Postman

Postman is a popular API client that makes it easy for developers to create, share, test, and document APIs.

What do we like about Postman’s careers page?

Postman’s website may not be as snazzy as others in our list, but we feel it does the job in a simple and uncompromising way. Plus, we love their sharp copy throughout the landing page. Here’s our review:

  • Header banner

The header banner shows an employee picture with their office in the background. The CTA in the banner asks potential employees to head over to the open positions section.



  • Employee testimonials

The employee testimonials section is a moving counter with employees voicing why they like working for Postman. The pictures and testimonials aren’t as elaborate as others, but their depiction is clean and makes for easy reading.



  • Values

Postman’s values section is a combination of illustrations and simple copy explaining what the company stands for. Visitors to this section know why Postman is a top choice amongst techies.



  • Benefits and teams

The company uses the same copy and illustration combination to highlight employee benefits and the different teams. Nothing too fancy in here, but we believe that is why the website looks attractive.



  • Job openings

The bottom section of the website leads to the available jobs link that has details around the roles, locations, countries, etc.

Head over to Postman’s careers page here.


Best Career Page #13 – Pipefy

Pipefy is a Work Management Platform that enables people to organize and control their work in a single place, allowing anyone to automate any process on their own.

What do we like about Pipefy’s careers page?

Modern. Slick. User-friendly. Those are the three things that come to our mind when we saw Pipefy’s career page.

And the rest is here.

  • Header banner

The copy in the header banner is simple. It invites candidates to apply for various open roles within the organization.



  • Visuals

The website shows the daily life at Pipefy and the team behind it. With pet-friendly offices and a young team, the company asks people to help their clients throughout 150 countries around the globe.

They’ve provided a link to their Instagram handle as well inviting people to visit it and experience it for themselves.



  • Vision

In a short summary that is impactful, the company explains its vision. They stress the importance on diversity, for which they have a community named DIB (Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging).



  • Perks

The company uses illustrations and simple copy to highlight the different perks for employees. Meal vouchers, gym memberships across the city, and English classes are some of the awesome perks of the company.

  • Open positions

The open positions section highlights the jobs available in different teams. If you select a team, and there’re no open positions, you can still upload your details, so they can get back to you when a suitable role arises.

Roll over to Pipefy’s career page here.


Best Career Page #14 – Drift

Drift helps companies engage in real-time, personalized conversations so they can build trust and accelerate revenue.

What do we like about Drift?

It is difficult to analyze careers pages of SaaS companies without mentioning Drift.

  • Header banner

The header banner features a stunning video of life at Drift. It shows all the things cool about the company, including its employee events, outings, meetings, music, podcast, etc.

Moreover, the CTA is consistent with most other companies – they invite aspiring employees to visit their jobs section.



  • Why Drift?

This section combines both video and crispy copy to inform candidates about how the company is solving real business problems. It talks about how they enable a human-to-human conversation, which is missing in today’s automation-crazy world.



  • Videos

The company has inserted videos to showcase its offices in Boston and San Francisco. Employees speak about their supportive teams and why they like working for Drift.


  • Visuals

All pictures show a happy set of employees with smiling faces across the company’s offices across the US and during events. Furthermore, their founders make an appearance too.



  • Diversity

Drift values diversity at the workplace and there is a section for this too in the careers page. It links back to the company’s leadership principles, so people know what values are important at Drift.

  • Job openings

The job openings section is incredibly long, and each open position opens into separate links with more details.

Don’t miss out to check Drift’s careers page.


Best Career Page #15 – AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer is a Mobile Attribution & Marketing Analytics platform that allows app marketers to measure the performance of all their marketing channels – paid, organic, and social – from a single real-time dashboard.

What do we like about AppsFlyer?

Read our review below to find out why it is one of the best amongst our research of careers pages.😊

  • Header banner

One of the rare instances where we’ve seen companies implement a tiled approach for their pictures on their banner – and do it well. The tiles keep interchanging with different pictures giving website visitors a glimpse of the company’s work culture.



  • Perks

This section features illustrations and copy along with them. One of the key perks was an employee exchange program using which employees could work in a different location for a month.

They even let their employees bring their kids around to office.



  • Job openings

We rank AppsFlyer’s job openings section much higher than the rest because the user experience is superb. A two-column section divides the jobs into location and department.

Moreover, each location and department has a logo and name. Candidates can easily pick their favorite jobs according to their skill and location preferences.



  • Video

The AppsFlyer careers page features a fantastic video imagining a mannequin as the next ‘you.’ It lets the viewers know what is in store for him/her should he/she join the company in a funny way.

The mannequin finds a place everywhere – in the cafeteria, meetings, yoga sessions, and even a plastic gun-fighting sequence.



Do check out AppsFlyer’s career page here.


Best Careers Pages – Conclusion


There is no fixed formula for building a company’s career website.

However, no matter what you wish to exhibit, don’t compromise on a few basic elements – values, happy faces, job descriptions and their links, employee testimonials, and your Glassdoor score.

All the above observations are an exciting mélange and make a company look like the coolest place to work. And, remember that employees will spend nearly 40-50% of their day working for your company.

So, let them know what they can expect at your company.

From our research of different career pages, if there is one thing that is common that we wish to highlight – it is positivity. Every career page oozes it.

There’s never a dull moment in their videos, pictures, website copy, or testimonials. When you’re creating your careers page, make sure every word reflects a positive attitude.

Because that is when the best employees would want to join your troupe. And the best employees make your customers happy.

Karthik Subramanian

Karthik Subramanian I’m passionate about content marketing and I love to help people get started on their marketing journeys. I am a medium-distance runner and I love beaches (especially on balmy Sunday evenings). I can read a balance sheet and have a Bachelor of Commerce degree, but I’m wondering what to do with it.

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